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Showcased in The Humm!

This is, rather belatedly, blowing my own trumpet! Last November I was contacted by the wonderful Sally Hansen, who wanted to interview me for The Humm, our wonderful local Arts Newspaper. I was extremely flattered, to say the least, if not slightly terrified, but Sally is a gentle and comfortable interviewer and we had such a lovely talk on the phone! End result- I am on the front page, have a whole page inside about me and my art, plus a printed "artist card' in the print version! Suddenly I am famous!

The online version of the article can be found at

if you are so inclined to read.

Without the Humm, the local arts community would be in a sad state. the print version is distributed free, although you can , if you wish also pay for it. Like all local small businesses, times are not easy at the moment.

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